21 May 2010

20 May 2010

the best things in life

are secret.

17 May 2010


15 May 2010


13 May 2010

raf driffield

craziest abandoned place i've ever been. raf driffield was home to a number of world war 2 bomber sqaudrons from when it opened in 1936. it's a famous wartime airfield, and was involved in sending bombers off from its 6000ft runway to attack the heart of nazi occupied europe. aircraft from driffield were also involved in dropping 6 million propaganda leaflets over warsaw during a raid in 1940, and participating in bombing raids over bremen, le havre, and normandy.
after the war it became home to a number of raf training establishments, at one point reverting back to a fighter station and holding three 'douglas thor' nuclear ballistic missiles, which were capable of reaching moscow. it became an army barracks in 1977, was closed for good in 1996, and has been abandoned ever since.
really wish i knew the history before i visited, will definitely be taking another trip to explore even more, the whole site is huge!

03 May 2010